Catherine Carr, counsellor & divorce coach

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Phone: 0415 551 421

Address: Suite 1502, Westfield Office Tower 2 Bondi Junction

As a seasoned Counsellor and Divorce Coach, Catherine Carr brings a wealth of expertise in navigating the intricate and emotionally charged terrain of divorce. Her approach is rooted in providing holistic support that addresses both the emotional and practical facets of this life-altering transition.

Expert Guidance Through Emotional Turmoil:

Catherine specialises in offering a compassionate and empathetic ear, understanding that divorce brings a whirlwind of emotions. Her skill set revolves around active listening and creating a safe, non-judgmental space for individuals to articulate their feelings and concerns freely. Her goal is to empower clients by helping them process their emotions and gain a clearer perspective during this challenging time.

Tailored Coping Strategies for Legal Processes:

Acknowledging the complex legal aspects involved in divorce proceedings, Catherine focuses on equipping her clients with personalised coping strategies. While she doesn’t provide legal advice, she ensures that individuals are well-prepared to engage effectively with their legal representation. Catherine assists in organising pertinent information and streamlining communication with lawyers, facilitating a smoother and more efficient legal process.

Empowering Recovery and Future Focus:

Recognising the emotionally draining nature of divorce, Catherine firmly believes in the importance of self-care and looking towards the future. Her approach emphasises self-nurturing practices and resilience-building strategies, guiding clients to focus on their personal growth and envisioning a fulfilling post-divorce life. Catherine Carr’s philosophy centres on the understanding that divorce, regardless of the initiator, represents a profound life transition. Her unwavering commitment lies in providing the right blend of personal and professional support, guiding individuals towards healing, empowerment, and a positive outlook on life beyond separation.

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