Jennifer Henderson, Psychologist

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Phone: 0413 722046

Address: Suite 1502, Westfield Office Tower 2 Bondi Junction

Jennifer Henderson is a Registered Psychologist who has practised firstly as a Professional Counsellor and since 2000 as a Registered Psychologist. She provides “Therapy Across the Lifespan” from children to adults who are experiencing many different forms of today’s complex life issues including Mental Health, Trauma, Family Court Matters, Personal and Relationship challenges.

Jennifer is a caring, empathic and patient therapist, who works with people to overcome depression, anxiety, stress, adjustment disorders, personal growth career development, and much more.

As a Psychologist Jennifer works by allowing clients to share their experience, whilst facilitating them to develop powerful strategies to overcome issues that are holding them back.

Jennifer practises, amongst others, solution focused and evidence-based therapies. She works collaboratively and sensitively with her clients to achieve a positive change in their well-being, their day-to-day life and relationships.  Jennifer also continues to study new Therapy Techniques.

Added to her professional experience Jennifer brings with her some extensive life experience. Born in England, Jennifer has lived in Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa before moving to Australia over 20 years ago. She has three adult children who live around the world with their families.

Jennifer’s journey has included working with …..

  • Neglected and abused children
  • Domestic violence
  • Family breakdown including emotional and practical support in legal issues related to Family Court
  • Individuals experiencing day-to-day life changes and challenges
  • Write to Wellness Group, cognitive stimulation for older people.  Under Jennifer’s guidance and with help from the local Library, this group published a Poetry Book based on the group members’ creative work.

Jennifer has special interests in Family Court cases and Trauma Therapy which in the modern day may be related not only to extreme traumatic events but may also result from some day to day life experiences.

For more information or to book an appointment, please phone 0413 722046 or send Jennifer an email