Alison Lyons, individual, couple and family therapist

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Phone: 0424 325 954

Address: Suite 501, 35 Spring St Bondi Junction

Alison’s focus is on ensuring that we have good relationships with the people that matter to us – and with ourselves. For 25 years Alison has worked in a range of treatment settings, the past 10 years in private practice as an individual, couple and family therapist. Her inspiration was the work she did before that as a midwife, Alison working with mothers with substance misuse issues and intergenerational patterns of abuse and abandonment. Alison’s particular expertise is with

  • Couples wanting to reduce conflict and develop closer relationships, especially new parents.
  • Families needing to support each other through difficulties – including illness, mental health problems and substance misuse.
  • Parents and adolescents to understand each other and stay connected.
  • Family law coaching – including helping parents to separate well, ensuring children maintain strong relationships with both parents.
  • Therapy groups for people with drug and alcohol issues, anger and violence issues, and parenting.

For more information or to book an appointment, please visit Alison’s website or phone 0424 325 954.