On this page you can find forms and questionnaires that might be used during therapy, or during exercises between sessions.


Negative Emotions, Thoughts & Challenges

Challenge questions

Novaco Anger Scale

Exposure monitor 2012

Activity, Evaluation log

Activity, Fatigue log

Mood diary

Problem behaviour monitor  (ABC chart)

Relationship evaluation form

Timetable – weekly

DASS Scorer

Privacy Policy

Alain de Botton talking about success Рthis video is an interesting discussion on the concept of success, and job-related anxiety in particular.  Thank you to XXXX for sending this through!

Photography can be a door to mindfulness – see how these schoolchildren use cameras as a way of stopping and capturing moments.

The evolutionary basis of fairness – it’s not just something humans value.

The Only Thing You Need to Get Good At

Worrying about things you can’t control … interesting article on the topic