On this page you can find forms and questionnaires that might be used during therapy, or during exercises between sessions.


Negative Emotions, Thoughts

Challenge questions

CBT model

Novaco Anger Scale

Exposure monitor 2012

Mood diary

Fatigue diary

Panic diary


Problem behaviour monitor  (ABC chart)

Relationship evaluation form

Timetable – weekly

DASS Scorer

CFT Scorer Download

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Alain de Botton talking about success – this video is an interesting discussion on the concept of success, and job-related anxiety in particular.  Thank you to XXXX for sending this through!

Photography can be a door to mindfulness – see how these schoolchildren use cameras as a way of stopping and capturing moments.

The evolutionary basis of fairness – it’s not just something humans value.

The Only Thing You Need to Get Good At

Worrying about things you can’t control … interesting article on the topic