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This page is only relevant for patients seeing Joe Gubbay.  Please refer to your clinician’s own website for further details; links can be found on the Clinicians page.


As long as you have a valid referral, Medicare will cover the bulk of the cost of treatment.  It will cost $104 for a 55-minute session (You will pay $230 and be refunded $126).  Depending on your circumstances (pensioner, single parent, etc.) the cost of treatment can be substantially reduced.  

To qualify for Medicare rebates you will need:

1.  a referral from your doctor
2.  your GP to write a Mental Health Treatment Plan.  

Medicare will generally cover up to 10 sessions, though most people are seen for about 8 sessions; a better estimate will be possible at the end of the initial appointment.  Electronic billing means that your Medicare rebate will be processed straight away, with no forms to fill. Some private health funds provide rebates for psychological treatment; please check with your health fund.  You can’t claim from both Medicare and a private health fund for the same service, and generally Medicare will be the better option. If you don’t qualify for Medicare rebates, then you don’t need a referral from a doctor. Contact us if you would like to clarify what you need to do.

Book an Appointment

You can book an initial appointment with Joe Gubbay by calling 1300 66 44 13, or if you prefer you can complete the form below.  Remember that you will need to bring a referral from your doctor or you won’t be able to claim any Medicare rebate until it’s provided.  Feel free to call if you have any questions before you make up your mind.  You can also send an email.

Cancellations & Missed Appointments

Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 2 days before the appointment. Any cancellations made with less than 2 days notice will incur a charge of $100.  You cannot claim any of this cost on Medicare or private health insurance. If you cancel or miss two appointments your time slot will be offered to another patient.